Hello (again)


I’ve changed Pixelated Thinking’s web address.

My new blog address is now www.rahuldowlath.net

Why the change? Well, I kind of messed up my domain name transfer (it’s very complicated and boring and I won’t go into the details here). Anyway, I’ve decided to relinquish the .com address until it becomes available again with the registrar (which I hope will happen within the next year). But for now, and probably for a long time to come, I will be using www.rahuldowlath.net as the main access point to my blog, where I publish my thoughts on everything from science and technology to books, television and movies.

If you subscribe to this blog via email, you don’t need to do anything.

Thank you for supporting my blog and my writing. I have some fun posts lined up for you. You can follow me on Twitter to find out when the latest post is published: www.twitter.com/RahulDowlath.


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