Haud Ignota Loquor –  I speak not of unknown things

Welcome to Life in Pixels, the digital home of Rahul Dowlath – an architectural designer, writer, and avid reader.


Here, I publish my scrivenings, from short fiction, to opinionated essays on technology, to bursts of thought as they occur to me. After all, we’re living in an ever-changing world; the pace of development is staggering, and I feel its influence on my thoughts and ideas daily.

As a student of the built environment, graduating with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Cape Town, I am deeply concerned about the future of our cities and the structures and spaces that define these urban sanctuaries. As such, Pixelated Thinking publishes my musings on the future of our urbanized world, from opinions on what the leaders are doing, to the small feats of engineering that have happened – or should be happening – in order to shape a better world.

Why Life in Pixels? Well, my soul is digital at its core. Technology presents an exciting canvas upon which I express my ideas, thoughts and visions of the world and our future. As an architect and designer, technology presents opportunity through various tools to imagine and shape the world around me. As a writer, and a lover of science and science fiction, technology presents endless ideas for which to explore, philosophically, the trajectory of our society. And, of course, the idea of millions of individual pixels that work together to paint a digital image struck me as a metaphor for the nature of thoughts – separated, they are powerless, yet seen together as parts of a coherent whole, they have the potential to spark the fires of incredible ideas and ingenuity. I hope that you enjoy reading my thoughts, opinions and short fiction. Don’t forget to drop a line or two in the comments section of my posts to let me know your thoughts.

cyber portfolio

  • I’ve written for technology blog Blogote based in Bangalore, India.
  • I founded Byte Lounge, a tech culture blog based from Durban, broadcasting to the world with Nitesh Dowlath from Liverpool, England.
  • I was the Editor and founder of my school’s student blog, The Crawford Echo.


  • I live my life on an Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (Mid-2012 edition)
  • I hold the web in my hands with an iPad Air (space grey, naturally)
  • I speak via an iPhone 6s (space gray)
  • I capture visually with the above mentioned iPhone, and usually post to my Instagram (@RahulDowlath)
  • I listen to music on an iPod Classic (matte black 2010)
  • I block out the world to focus on my creative endeavours with Bose QuietComfort® 25 noise-cancelling headphones
  • I ink my thoughts with a Lamy Safari, Parker Jotter Premium (Black) or Parker Sonnet fountain pen, on one of many Moleskine notebooks

You can also follow me on Twitter for frequent updates: twitter.com/RahulDowlath