Chai Noon #44 with yours truly

The latest episode of Chai Noon is out now! Hanik and I talk about what it was like growing up in Durban, travelling to India, the importance of family, and more.

You can listen to the episode at any of the following links:

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Don’t forget to subscribe to Chai Noon to listen to all their other episodes. Chai Noon is a fun, relaxed podcast that talks about the Indian experience outside the subcontinent.


Appearing on Chai Noon this week

I was invited by my old friend Hanik ( to appear on his podcast Chai Noon this week.

Chai Noon is a weekly podcast hosted by Hanik and Kiran about the desi experience outside the realm of South Asia. I’ve been a fan of the show since they started. It’s relaxed, fun and they have a variety of interesting guests on each week.

Hanik and I had a great conversation that ranged from growing up in Durban to our love of the natural beauty of South Africa, our experiences of Diwali away from home and my experiences studying what’s often considered an unconventional degree within the Indian community in Durban. Of course, being Chai Noon, we had to talk about food – a lot. We also got to catch up and reminisce about the (still unfinished) animated film we were making back in Grade 4 with our friends (Mission to Mars).

This was my first experience being on a podcast and it’s inspired me to start seriously considering getting into the game. Watch this space 😉

The show comes out this week; I will be sure to link to it on the blog as soon as it airs.

Podcasts to work with

Podcasts are seeing an amazing resurgence in the last few years. I’ve been using them since I started working in 2015 as an alternative to music when working. As an architect, I’m often confronted with doing long stretches of work that affords me the opportunity to have something playing in the background without distracting me. I’ve found podcasts to be an excellent way to keep me going through the day, and to learn something new along the way.

Here is a list of some interesting podcasts that I enjoy whilst working:

My podcast app of choice is Overcast for iOS; but there are plenty of other good apps, including the stock Podcasts app on most phones, that works just as well.