Mini Update

I haven’t been posting in a while due to not feeling too well. I hope to get back to a more “regular” schedule soon. Expect my thoughts on the new Superman film Man of Steel (once I actually get to see it), and reviews and musings on the world of tech. But for now, I thought I’d just drop by to update you on some of the things that are keeping me interested whilst I get better.

Book: Dan Brown’s Inferno. I started it earlier this week. Still very early into the story, so I can’t give any proper opinion yet. But I’m enjoying it – classic Dan Brown stuff here.

Music: Still enjoying Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Gets better with each listen.

TV Series: since Da Vinci’s Demons ended season 1 (on a cliffhanger, too!) and all my other favourite comedies (Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Community) aren’t scheduled to resume until later this year, I’ve found myself drawn to Arrow. Yes, I know, I’m a bit late to the party there, but this series has enough plot twists and intrigue to keep me entertained. The acting is a bit questionable, but it’s a fun watch nevertheless.

Projects: apart from working on the major redesign of the SKKSA website, I’m also learning some new web technologies (though I can’t say much more about that just yet…). Hoping to also get back into the manuscript soon.

Sorry for the lack of posts on Pixelated Thinking. I can’t wait to get back to the regular schedule. See you soon!


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