Status Update: Back in CPT

Six weeks flies faster than a new Boeing 747-8. In fact, thinking about it, I’ve been on “holiday” for longer than the regular six-week mid year vacation, since I actually finished “exams” earlier than most.

So anyway, I write this blog post from Cape Town after vacationing at home in Durban for the past six weeks. However, if you look to the right sidebar, you’ll see the countdown timer set for my next voyage home (for private reasons). This semester will be full of traveling for me, and whilst I love traveling, I know it’s going to be both exhausting and challenging. I say bring it on.

I’m excited for the new term, and I’ve got a few personal projects lined-up to keep me busy in my downtime. Having finished with most software development/design work for SKKSA over the past six weeks (yes, I work even when on holiday…), I now have some time to focus on my personal goals. Exciting stuff.

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All for now.


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