University, Architecture and New Beginnings

Since I began high school, I’ve anticipated the big shift to university. It sounds strange, anticipating a move when I just began a whole new era – but that was how I was back then. Now, that time has finally come. I write this blog post from Cape Town, a city that will be my new home for the next three, perhaps six, years. I now embark on the next epoch – the transition I’ve been anticipating is upon me.

So what will I be up to over the next few years? Seeing as I started this blog (over at around the beginning of my high school career, I thought it’d be fitting to write about what I will be doing as a university student (wow, it feels strange to call myself that…).

I’ll be entering the three-year Bachelor of Architectural Studies programme at the University of Cape Town’s School of Architecture. Over the past three years, I’ve become increasingly interested in architecture; my passion for this most ancient of disciplines was instigated in my technical drawing class. My TD teacher, Mr Armstrong, breathed life into the coursework – which included a large portion of “civil drawing”; essentially, the basics of architectural representation. During the major project work for the year (especially during my final-year assignment), I truly began to get interested in architecture. Working on those projects made me feel like an architect, and I relished the opportunity to immerse myself in them. Then, when I travelled to Europe in 2010 with a group of school friends for a “history and cultural tour of Europe”, I fell in love with the classic architectonics of such a vibrant continent. Now, I’m excited to apply that passion to the actual architectural programme as I begin my voyage in this direction.

I’ll also be writing extensively – when time permits. I still have my novel to work on… and then there’s the blogging.

I’m quite excited about this new era, and about living in a new city – an incredibly beautiful city such as Cape Town. One can’t help but feel creative in this city; it’s architecture, it’s atmosphere – they exude an urge to create and imagine. Until next time…


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