Greetings from the Other Side

One term down. Only three to go. It’s frightening, really. I’m almost done with school, and next year I’ll be in university. Away from the security I’ve come to take for granted for thirteen years.

You may have noticed my absence from the blogging world over the past few months. I’ve been immensely busy, swamped with schoolwork, assignments and trying to exist as a human. It’s tough times, my friends.

But fear not; I’ve also been hard at work on some interesting things – notably a project I’ve been wanting to launch for over a year. Being a part of the Student Executive, the leadership platform at my high school, one of my promises in my initial manifesto was to introduce a new kind of student-run magazine to the student body. Well, this past week, my dreams were realised when we officially launched The Crawford Echo, our school’s first-ever student blog.

In a future post here at Life in Pixels, I plan on offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work of setting up a blog of this nature, the “road to release” and my future vision for this project. Look out for that soon.

Today I began writing a new short story. I used my new Moleskine Pac-Man notebook; in fact, it’s the first piece of writing I’ve got in it. I haven’t had a chance these past few months to actually write in the book. I love the texture of the paper, and the entire experience of writing in the book is exceptional; it exudes quality and inspiration.

I’ve also had quite a skirmish with Parker Pens recently. I love the pen brand, and I’ve decided to write this new short story longhand, before I transcribe it into Scrivener for digital editing, print a copy for my personal archives, and perhaps the chance to format the tale for the blog. I’m a long-time user of Parker; I’ve used the brand since I began writing in ink, almost eight years ago. The Parker I’ve used is the classic Jotter. So I decided to try a new model this time – and went with the Urban. It’s a beautiful writing instrument, but it was just too heavy for my liking. My friends and I have gone as far as nicknaming it “Thor’s Hammer”. I’ve decided to go “back to the drawing board” (or is that “writing pad”?) and purchased the new Parker Jotter Premium. And it’s beautiful. An amazing pen, it simply spells quality with a gunmetal black finish for the body, and a chiselled upper finish in silver. I’m thoroughly enjoying using the new Parker to write this story.

I’ll keep you posted on any significant developments with the current short story. And look out for that post about the student blog soon!

All for now.


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