To Make Steve Rich Again Or Not… That is the Question!

In around September 2008, I got an iPhone. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, really. I wasn’t a Mac user back then, so the idea of using something close to Mac OS X (yup, iPhone is powered by a “lower-end” version of the big boy OS himself), was quite appealing. It was as if I could have a piece of the Apple with me, and take a bite from it whenever I wanted to.

Well… not quite so. Because then I discovered the annoying limitations of the darned thing. What I had effectively done, was downgrade from a far more capable Nokia N73, to something that seemed to come from the Stone Age of Technology. It couldn’t run more than one app at the same time. It couldn’t forward SMS. It didn’t have MMS. It ate up my airtime.

It sucked.

But then, low and behold, two years later, along comes the Apple Media Event for iPhone OS 4.0, and it seems like the iPhone has once again wooed me… and the scary thing is that it just might be working. I’m starting to like this device again now. Apple’s really refined the OS, they’ve added those “lacking” features, and those darned software developers are writing some really cool apps for the thing (and leaving us faithful Nokia users out in the cold, too!).

The biggest “win” factor for me from today’s address by El Jobso (alias Steve Jobs) was the announcement of multitasking. Finally, Apple! Welcome to 2010 — how was it back there in the Stone Age of Tech?

As usual, the fruity company from Cuppertino has managed to make this feature pretty stylish, too. Couple this with the addition of a social network for gamers, and I think my next mobile may just be an iPhone.

Wait. I can’t believe I actually wrote that.

Okay, seriously speaking, I’m starting to re-consider and re-think my opinion of the iPhone; perhaps if Apple included a slide-out keyboard, then we’re talking! I’m a “traditional” tech guy; I like the feel of an actual keyboard when I’m typing on the phone. However, I’m not banking on this happening any time soon; I know OS 4 has the option of using a Bluetooth keyboard, but what if I’m out and about somewhere? I don’t care much for typing on a virtual keyboard, no matter how damn cool it looks. Because functionality does matter, right? We can only find out for sure, though, come World Wide Developers Conference 2010, where Apple usually unveils these new iThings.

I guess the real question is, though, whether to make Steve rich again… or not.


One thought on “To Make Steve Rich Again Or Not… That is the Question!

  1. Well, the last iPhone was palmed off to the mum, who i guess, being from the “StoneAge” herself, didn’t really bother with the ‘limitations’. In fact the IPhone added quite a ‘cool’ dimension to the ol’ lady, who was able to show off to the other ol’ gals in her cicle this stylish new gadget with a shiny half bitten apple on its back! But its limitations are starting to tell, as is the battery which constantly needs recharging. Its still a cool phone though, and the mum is quite enjoying it, although she is also considering an upgrade. *Sigh* looks like its not to be, though, as clearly from this latest blog, looks like Rahul is slowly but surely garvitating to joining the iPhone community!

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