Life in Pixels. Reloaded.

It’s taken a lot of hard work, sourcing the best hosting deals, getting the domain purchased, and finally installing WordPress, updating the software, and fixing this theme.

But it was all worth it. Because finally, my personal blog, which I fondly call “Life in Pixels”, finally has its own home on the web. And the URL sounds cool too, eh? “”. I’ve been dreaming of having that domain for a long time now.

So, since this is a “proper” blog now, I’ve taken the decision to care and nurture it properly this time. The previous blog (which will still be alive, although it won’t ever be updated again) was neglected quite a few times, and I posted very infrequently.

However, with this new blog, you can expect at least weekly updates from me, on my thoughts about the world, including some smatterings of science, technology.

I’ve imported the content from my old blog which was hosted at, but this “version 2.0” blog is, first and foremost, a “fresh start” on my online life. From this post onwards, I hope to post exciting new content that reflects the person I’ve become in the last three years, with deeper insights into my opinions, and relevant news on my various projects.

I invite you to comment on posts, and engage in discussion on the topics that I discuss.

I’m really excited about this new website. With the perfect software powering it, and a clean, new look, what more could I ask for?

Remember to follow me on Twitter to get all the latest updates.

All for now!


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