2009 to 2010

Yet again I haven’t posted for a long time, and I must apologise for that. Wow, a lot has happened in the intervening time: I turned sixteen on the 26 November 2009, I was the student editor for a magazine compiled of the best writing from my school (of which two of my short stories, Chen: The Tale of a Spy and The Tale of an Assassin were included in the anthology) and two of my video presentations were played at the Shotokan Kokusai Karatedo South Africa‘s Annual Awards Evening.

You can watch the main presentation here. The music is a rock version of “O Fortuna”, a famous 13th-Century Latin text.

I am making strong headway with my novel. There have been drastic changes to the plot; in fact, I’m working with an entirely different plot-line to the one I started with in July 2009. It’s a completely different story, and it was hard for me to re-start after having over 10 000 words down, but it was necessary. Even though I had a full plot outline down for the initial story, I didn’t feel completely happy with what I was working on. I will certainly return to this story (I have some great ideas incorporating ancient myths and texts that haven’t until now been widely spoken of) but I am currently giving my full concentration to finishing the new plot that makes up my debut novel.

So, where am I with this novel? At the last check, I’m writing Chapter 20, with 12 646 words. You can follow my Twitter channel for the latest updates on the novel’s progress. Unfortunately, I can’t give out anything regarding the plot, characters, or the name of the book. What I can say is that it’s set in the future – a long, long way into the future – and deals with issues that are plaguing humanity in the present.

So, 2010 is just a few hours away. Happy New Year to you! I plan on making the most out of this fresh year, and have some exciting things planned. Foremost amongst them are my European Tour in June 2010. I will be visiting London, Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Munich, Rome and Paris, amongst others. I got a 12-megapixel Cybershot camera for my 16th, so you can expect some great pictures from my travels here on Life in Pixels!

I know I’ve said this often, but I really do hope to blog more frequently during the new year. I can’t promise, though, as 2010 is going to be a busy year.

All for now!


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