Three Weeks On… And the Tale Continues

About three weeks ago, I began work on my latest ambitious venture – writing a full-length novel that I hope to get published once completed.

Well, three weeks later, I’m glad to report my first update that I’ve promised to chronicle here on Life in Pixels. At the latest word count from last night, I’m currently sitting at around 4140 words. This is the most I’ve ever written on a single narrative in my life! I feel that this is a greatachievement in my young writing career, and I strongly believe that this project will definitely improve my skills at telling tales.

Unfortunately, whilst I’m dying to tell you all what this novel is about, I can’t. What I can tell, though, is that I’ve decided to divide the novel into three parts. This will make it easier for me to write it, as I can focus on setting smaller, more achievable goals to accomplish this momentous task. But it will also provide for a vastly entertaining, gripping read for you, if ever I get it published…

You can follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates on my progress. My link is:

All for now! 😉


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