I’m Thinking of Writing a Book…

About five years ago, I wrote a screenplay for an ambitious movie project I had in mind, called The Mission to Mars. It was the story of four friends who went on a trip to the Red Planet, and the adventures that ensued. However, it never really got made into a film (a fact that some of my friends continuously remind me about 😉

The story went under numerous re-writes, and I unfortunately do not currently posses the finalized screenplay (I’m still looking for it… it’s probably hiding somewhere on my old computer…)

So, anyway, I’ve had this strange idea of revisiting The Mission to Mars, and write a book about it. Well, the story won’t be entirely the same, of course, as I’ve decided to completely re-work it to be more coherent and dynamic. There may not be four friends involved in the story anymore, but rather just one main protagonist.

This crazy new project of mine is definately not going to be finished any time soon. Writing a book takes a LOT of time, patience and hard work. It requires something called imagination and ideas, the latter of which doesn’t come very quickly and easily. Therefore, I’m going to take this task on slowly and as time permits, but I’ll definately post updates on it from time-to-time on this blog.

Just as the initial Mission to Mars project was so very ambitious, my final goal is to get this book published. Yes, you read right: published. That’s why I’m deciding to take on this project so slowly – I’m working for quality, not quantity, and I’m really determined to get it out there in printed format.

Lastly – wanting to know what the book will be called? Well, I can’t really say anything at this point in time – I’m still dec


3 thoughts on “I’m Thinking of Writing a Book…

  1. Hurray for creating novels! I’ve “revamped” my current project many times, and I think that revisiting projects is a really good way to improve ideas. One thing I often do when I’m bored is plot; it really helps me to expand the story. Anyway, good luck!

  2. That’s true what you say about “revisiting ideas” – that they’re a good way to improve ideas. Now, quite a few weeks on from when I started my novel project, my ideas have changed and been rewritten countless times… but I’m glad to say that its going really well and I’m making steady progress! Thanks for the encouragement 😉 Don’t forget, you can follow my writing adventures via Twitter as well, at: http://twitter.com/RahulDowlath

  3. No problemo! Revisiting ideas is really great… I’ve expanded a lot of my story by just taking a few minutes to plot. Hope it all goes well!

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