My music-making adventures

Well well… back to school today, and as that saying goes, “back to reality”… But alas, I shall have to live with it… At least some good news is in order for the first post on my first day back at school!

A few weeks ago, I began my personal journey of learning guitar. I decided to learn by myself, since I have (in my opinion) a strong background of music theory (I began in about Grade 1, and currently hold a Second Grade certificate in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and a Trinity College of England violin certificate.

So, I bought (or rather, my mum helped me out) a guitar-learning book (from the for Dummies series) and am currently borrowing my cousin’s classical guitar (although I’m saving up to buy a mean electric soon!!) along with a DVD by New Zealand guitarist Wayne Cornwall.

Well, I’m getting on very nicely with my guitar practices (even though I managed to snap a string last week!! but that’s fixed now) and try to keep a religious practice routine of 30 minutes a day every day.

I am also (albeit very slowly) beginning work on what might (and that’s a big “might”) be my next album (after last year’s so-so The House of Rhythm). Stay tuned to this blog for more!


2 thoughts on “My music-making adventures

  1. Hehe I try to keep it updated as often as possible, but my commitment to my school work does tend to not allow me to update regularly 😦 But I am trying to manage my time better so that my blog is not neglected all the time 🙂

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