The Merchants of Bollywood & More Exam Stress!!

Yesterday was just so tiring that I was unable to post to my blog… however, what I really wanted to write about was the show I attended on Tuesday night at the Durban ICC Arena – the critically-acclaimed “The Merchants of Bollywood”.

Wow… what a show! The dancing was fantastic, the drama superb… specifically though, what I thought was really well done was the way classical Indian dance (such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak) and modern film dance, was seemlessly fused together – it shows the brilliant choreography and the amazing skills of the performers.

This show was an amazing insight into Indian culture and the world’s largest and most powerful film industry (with something like 800 films a year)  – Bollywood. It also adds to my excitement of visiting India at the end of the year with my family! 😀

The show was a great way to just take a break from exam stress, and now, sadly, it’s back to some studying… I just can’t wait for the end of exams to come!!

Well, now it’s off to more learning… thanks for visiting my blog!! 😉


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