Switzerland 2008 – in pictures!!

Here’s some pictures from my recent trip to the land of snow and skiing… We went for six days to the little Swiss-French town of Bulle for a karate training course under the grand master of Shotokan karate, Kancho Kanazawa, and Koga-Hanshi, our international Japanese instructor.

[Click images to view larger]

Yajur (my cousin) and I

My mad cousin Yajur (lol) and me, on the train from Zurich HB (city station) to Zurich Flugafen (airport station)

Me in the city of Zurich

My three cousins and I on the streets of Bulle, across the road from the hotel where we stayed ( wonderful hotel called “Hotel Du Cheval Blanc” (French for “The White Horse”).

A little part of the small town of Bulle, Switzerland

View from our training centre: where we trained, there was a huge (ceiling to floor) glass window, and this was the view that we saw looking out whilst we trained.


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