Every so often, one comes across a book that is truly worthwhile. That leaves you with a feeling of fulfillment upon completion. There are only a few of these kinds of books that I’ve experienced, and Anthony Horowitz’s finale to the chilling Power of Five series, Oblivion, was part of that select group.

It is dark. It is depressing. It is horrifying  And at the same time, it is filled with hope: there is no doubt that the entire series is written, in a way, as an allegory of hope for the future, and of the next generation’s responsibility to protect our future.

Narrative-wise, it is lengthy. At 668 pages, it’s a hefty read, but an enjoyable one. I feel that in places, it could’ve been shorter. There were parts that got agonizingly slow, but they were made up for by the copious edge-of-your-seat action sequences.

The story is a good continuation from the previous four books, but it is able to stand out as a tale of its own. Horowitz manages to easily integrate retellings of previous events, easing readers into this much-anticipated conclusion.

The conclusion itself is quite worth it. Without wanting to give away details, it has some unsuspecting surprises, and some obvious takes that were clearly being built-up in the final parts.

The very final bit, the epilogue (or “Envoi”) was a nice touch. But it is clear that this series is over, and it has been a great ride throughout. If you’re a fan of Anthony Horowitz’s writing, and a long-time investor in the series, this is definitely a must-read for you.

Horowitz is expected to return to the Alex Rider universe next, with the standalone novel tentatively titled Yassen.


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