iTunes Music Store is finally here in SA

It’s about time, Apple.

Today, Apple finally released the online iTunes music store in South Africa in a massive international rollout that saw over 50 countries get the musical goodness from the comfort of the best-looking media player.

I’ve checked it out, and am really excited about it. One thing though: the store is pricey (like all things Apple, I guess). Songs cost R8.99, and entire albums, R89.99.

However, for new releases, this is relatively cheaper than buying the actual CD from “physical” stores like Musica. Best part: the songs are high-quality AAC, and there’s no need for you to waste the CD case because the songs go directly into your iTunes library, art work, labeling and everything done for you.

Previews are 1:30s long, which is sufficient time to get the feel of the song before splurging.

At last, South Africa joins the world with digital music shopping the way it should be.


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