We are incredibly privileged creatures. In the vast expanse of the Universe, we have the correctly assembled atoms that allow us to think, to perceive, to question. These atoms, these tiniest of building blocks that composite us, give us the honour of manifesting wisps of thought into creations far greater than ourselves; creations that will last long after we have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Yet some of us think that our arrangement of molecules gives us a sense of superiority over our fellow humans. A most disturbing thought, yet true nonetheless. It is indeed sad, then, that we continue to settle for this way of things, that we allow such things to occur, things that are significantly trivial when placed into the grand scheme of our existence. Of those who are troubled by such matters, many choose to fight fire with fire, thinking that this can be a solution to issues of security. It has been this way for centuries, and perhaps it is this judgement that has clouded our view of place in this sphere of the Universe. Many have forgotten how privileged we are to exist in the correct arrangement of atoms.

We live in a privileged slice of time, too: technological growth, and the challenges it brings with it, allow us to re-invent ourselves. To hopefully reconsider our place, and to design a future that values our unique position as a species. For the sake of humanity’s future, and that of our planet, I hope that tomorrow’s thinkers propagate such ideas, and move us away from the primitive tenets of crusade and conquest.


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