I didn’t choose the archi life…

… the archi life chose me.

One year is already down. Amazing how quickly time flies. One year of architecture has made me realise how challenging, exciting and angst-ridden this course is.

For those interested in architecture, and in beginning or considering their studies in this course, know this: architecture is a course like no other. You will learn to think in a totally different way, and you’ll suddenly become exceptionally consumed by it. You’ll begin to see things around you, wherever you go: architecture exists wherever humans are on this planet.

You will stay up for days upon end, agonizing over the smallest of details, drafting master plans for structures that will never see a life beyond the presentation paper. You will get frustrated, angsty, philosophical. Sometimes, you might even become totally intolerable to anyone outside of the studio (studio culture means that “we’re all in this together,” – everyone in there will understand your pain).

So why, then, do we do this? Why do us prospective architects put ourselves through six arduous years of all-nighters, AutoCAD anxiety and concept-driven frustration?

Because we need it. We need  architecture to keep ourselves sane. It’s the one weapon that we know we can wield in the face of 21st-century challenges: urbanization, climate change, economic fluctuation. We know that we can’t deal with a 9-5 job pushing paper; we have the urge to create skyscrapers, cities, homes. We have the deep-set need to transform people’s lives through the most tangible manner possible: creating something out of nothing. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship, but then again, isn’t anything creative like that?


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