What is Design?

There are many objects in our world. From the moment you wake up, you have encountered the Designed World – the world that was thought-out by engineers and designers to make your life better.

But what exactly is design? What does it entail, and how do we know when we’ve encountered something designed?

I’ve been fencing with this question for some time now. And whilst I haven’t come to a conclusion, my best thought is that design entails that which has been thought about, thoroughly, before its execution. Thus, any object that has been considered from a host of perspectives, where the person behind it has truly considered what they are unleashing upon the world.

There’s much talk these days about sustainability and “going green” – thus the argument arises: should we continue to create objects at the rate we are doing so? Or should we take a step back, and consider what is already there, and then think about the long-term goals of implementing solutions to counteract the devastating environmental effects currently afflicting our planet?

Thus, design has become an entity that has both changed the world, and is currently being changed by the world. It will be interesting to watch the drama that unfolds as long-term objective products fight against the more temporal objects currently thrown at us.


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