Wozniak on Siri

“I start telling everyone I knew and speaking around the world about how this was the future of computing, speaking things in normal ways, feeling like you’re talking to a human.”

–Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, inc.

 Woz has constantly “needled” the company he once founded. Here, according to Boy Genius Report,  the Woz has lamented on how Apple has “dumbed-down” Siri, making it less cooler than it was before the Cupertino behemoth scooped-up the humble startup and turned it into the biggest selling-point of new iOS devices.

From the BGR article:

Wozniak said that he used to be able to get Siri to list prime numbers greater than 87, but when he asks Siri to do that now it thinks he’s talking about prime ribs.

Wozniak was the engineering powerhouse behind early Apple computers such as the Apple II. He founded the company alongside his close friend Steve Jobs, who was able to brilliantly package and market Wozniak’s inventions and together, they revolutionized the personal computing industry.


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