3D: It’s Not About Excessivness

After recently watching Men in Black : 3, I finally came to my personal conclusion about the 3D cinematic phenomenon. In fact, I kind of realised it when watching Alice in Wonderland. The 3D of today is not the same as the red-and-cyan-split 3D of the past, where it was all about the excessive spectacle of exaggerating perspective out of the screen-box.

Rather, today’s 3D is more about adding a sense of depth – both into the screen and spanning outwards from it, all in the hope of creating a more immersive cinematic experience. It’s almost like a modern version of the medieval puppet-boxes, except with CGI special effects.

However, I’m still very partial to 3D. I think that Hollywood is simply using it as a gimmick to sell more seats, and the technology still has a long way to go until it really becomes a good tool to augment the art of cinema.


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