2012: Another Great Year in Film

We’re almost halfway through the year already, and we’ve had some great films to enjoy – specifically,  The Hunger Games and The Avengers. But 2012 in film is just beginning – the majority of this year’s films “to look out for” lie in the second and third quarters. Here’s a selection of films that I’m personally looking forward to:

The Amazing Spiderman

A “re-boot” of Marvel’s webbed hero, this time with Andrew Garfield (the talented British actor who plated Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network) at the helm.

The Dark Knight Rises

Perhaps the greatest film of 2012? Directed by one of my favourite filmmakers, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises is the closing of the Dark Knight saga that began with Batman Begins. A considerably darker superhero thriller, this film represents not only a cinematic triumph in creating such a haunting portrayal of the caped crusader, but a deep introspection at the nature of our society.

Men in Black 3

The third in the Men in Black sci-fi-(comedy?) franchise. A “franchise” film, so don’t go expecting some exceptional filmmaking talent, but a fun movie nonetheless.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The famous American president. As a vampire hunter. ’nuff said. Directed by Tim Burton – after all, who else could pull something like this off?


Pixar Animation Studios returns with another classic tale that’s sure to bag an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture. Of note: this will be the first Pixar film to cast a female character in the lead (what took them so long?). It’s set in the Scottish highlands, considerably new territory (and new challenges) for this talented team of CGI innovators.


The final James Bond film in the three-part “reboot” of the franchise with Daniel Craig as 007, Skyfall sees Bond question his loyalty to M as secrets of her past surface, and it’s up to the quintessential British spy to save MI6 from an attack seeking to destroy the spy organization – regardless of the cost to himself.

Les Misérables

Starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russel Crowe, it’s the latest adaptation of this classic Victor Hugo novel.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

We return to Middle-Earth in this first of a two-part film adaptation of the classic J.R.R. Tolkien novel The Hobbit. Directed by award-winning Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, the trailer sure looks enticing of this much-anticipated prequel series.

Django Unchained

Leonardo di Caprio, Jamie Fox and Christoph Waltz: directed by the epic mind of Quentin Tarentino in the western-themed film Tarentino always wanted to produce but never managed to previously. Along with Gatsby and Dark Knight Rises, a must-see.

The Great Gatsby

 Apart from The Dark Knight Rises, there’s just one other film that I cannot wait for: Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic adaptation of the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald novel that has come to define an entire epoch. The tragedy is told in classic Luhrmann style, and after watching the trailer, I know we can expect another great cinematic experience.
Of the films listed above, my personal three films that I absolutely cannot wait to see have to be The Great Gatsby, The Dark Knight Rises and Django Unchained. Each directed by a legendary director and starring some brilliant actors, they’re sure to become the cornerstone of 2012 in cinematic excellence.

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