Read Better with Evernote Clearly

As the world gets increasingly more digital, we find ourselves engrossed in reading online more than in the “traditional sense”. Articles, journals, even full books can be read on a digital screen today without much effort – except for those pesky adverts and distracting links that can so easily sidetrack the reading experience.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before: you click through to a blog to read what looks like an interesting post – but just a few paragraphs in, you suddenly find yourself on a different webpage. The reason? You were distracted, by a multitude of things: links, adverts, embedded multimedia.

Enter Evernote Clearly: a free plugin for Firefox and Chrome that lets you dim-out those distractions, and focus on the actual reading. I’ve found myself using this tool a lot lately, and it’s great. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be more productive when browsing the web, and reading articles.

You can get Clearly from the Firefox “Add-ons” window (in Firefox: Tools -> Add-ons) or from the Chrome web store. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


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