On Writing for Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for a reasonable amount of time now. It started on a whim back in early 2007 when I signed up for a Blogger (.blogspot) blog. After discovering WordPress, my blogging has soared, and I’ve written (at least, I think) a diverse range of posts.

So I’d like to give back to the blogosphere, so to speak. This post will include some tips on writing for blogs. Now you may wonder: why should it be any different to writing for other mediums? Well, writing is an intricate art. And as with all art, it can only be successful if expressed correctly, be it through tone, style or diction, within the context of the medium of work.

Blogs are a fast, dynamic format. You need to be able to express yourself concisely. Sure, lengthy exposition posts are sometimes welcome – but you need to be attuned to your reader. And most purveyors of blogs tend to read on a short time span, perhaps as a means to pass commute time, or within the confines of a lunchtime break. So I’ll try and be succinct on my tips in this post. Here it goes:

  • Your article needs to transport the reader from their mundane daily existence.
  • Inform the reader. Give them something that they can take with them from your post. Present new knowledge in the form of thought-provoking opinions, or news.
  • Have some wit. It adds colour to the article, and will captivate the reader. Try not to be dull.
  • Instigate discussion, and engage with your readership. It’ll ensure the longevity of your blog.
  • Write like you mean it. You’re blessed with the ability to be literate. It truly is a gift; now use it. Don’t abuse this beautiful language of ours. By using correct grammar, diction, tone and writing stylishly, you’re showing your audience that you care about your work. Your passion will exude through the words on the screen. It’ll bring them to life. The design of your blog includes every aspect: the layout, the colour, the theme, even the content. Respect your blog’s style, and write with purpose. Write correctly. Nobody – at least, no discerning reader – wants to read posts that are poorly constructed.

Writing is fun. Writing adds joy to our life. Writing elevates us from the banality of our daily existence, and takes us to new frontiers. Now go forth and blog, my friends, and let the world know what you think of it!


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