Google+ and Facebook

Google recently launched an early test of their idea of a social network – certainly, a service that carries their hopes of redemption after the fiasco that was Google Buzz. They call this new network Google+, and from reviews of those lucky enough to be invited into the testing programme, this social network is great – some are even going as far as saying that its what Facebook ought to be.

Now that’s quite a bold statement, seeing as Facebook has garnered over 750 million users worldwide – surely those statistics indicate the Palo Alto success story is doing something right? But then again, Facebook showed us that we can get something that’s better than MySpace, and so it can be brought down to logical conclusion that Google+ has the potential to show us a new face to the social techno-phenomenon.

Google’s approach revolves around the notion of “circles” – as in “real life”, we should be able to share things with people within our different social circles. This extends the social media ritual of sharing that has become so essential to its very establishment. What’s even cooler, though, is the inclusion of group video chatting and, of course, tight integration with Android (after all, Google does develop the mobile operating system).

These are exciting times to be living in, and I would certainly like to experience what Google+ has to offer. If anything, the competition that is poses for Mr Zuckerberg and his team will only result in one thing: a better digital social experience for us all.


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