The Owls Are Gathering…

It seems like Harry Potter author JK Rowling has another magic trick up her sleeve. The billionaire scribe has revealed that she will have something of great importance to announce to fans around the world, through a new website tantalisingly called “Pottermore”.

Of course, we can see from the very name of this site that it is an anagram for “more Potter” – hinting that, perhaps, there’ll be a continuation of the series… but I think otherwise.

The beloved Harry Potter septet ended spectacularly in Deathly Hallows, and ardent fans will be treated to the “movie event of a generation” in the conclusion of the cinematic adaptations when Part II releases next month.

Speculation from leading Harry Potter fansites like MuggleNet and The Leaky Cauldron point to Rowling releasing a comprehensive encyclopædia of the wizarding world. In fact, from an earlier interview I saw with Steve Kloves, the films’ screenwriter, apparently Rowling has a vast storage of information on the world she imagined – far more than what she revealed in the seven books that made her a bestselling author.

Other rumours point to a massively-multiplater online game akin to World of Warcraft, with physical-world tie-ins like hidden wands placed around the world that must be found.

The official announcement happens in just over an hour from a special YouTube page Rowling has set-up.

Visit the YouTube page here.

Visit here.

I, like thousands of other devout Harry Potter fans out there, am waiting with bated breath.


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