A New Tale Emerges on the Horizon

My little “holiday project” for these past two weeks has been to begin a short story in my new Moleskine notebook (the Pac-Man one). I’m writing in longhand. Shock. Horror. Gasp.

It’s currently at 14 and a half pages long. That’s pretty impressive in my opinion. But then again, I could be biased. Seeing as this is my story. Anyway, I’m rather proud of my attempt.

It’s a slightly different story to my usual “assassin”-type short stories. My greatest aim with writing this story was to write something that was in the style I am familiar with, and that was interesting enough to absorb me in the process – because, after all, writing can be quite difficult when it wants to be. So I chose a subject that’s been playing on my mind for a long time now.

Also, I wanted to write this story because this past term, I’ve been bogged-down with very mundane essay-style texts; the one creative piece I did write, I may not publish online.

I’m quite excited about this new story; it evolved in an interesting way, as I wrote it. Both the planning and the writing ran concurrently, and the final sequence (the last of five sequences I had planned for it in the early stages of the tale’s development) was fully explored and understood just before I began writing the segment.

As I write this post, the story is very near complete. I’m going to be writing the big finalé soon, and then I’ll begin the transcription process of transferring the written text in the Moleskine into Scrivener, my preferred text application on Mac.

Will it be published? That’s a good question, my friends. Just as this new story has grown as it was written, so too will the final decision of publication be made when the time comes. I’m allowing this story to be what it wants to be; to grow as an entity on its own, and hopefully in the process become something I deem worthy of sharing. Until then, stay tuned to my Twitter page, and this blog, for the latest info.

Live Long and Prosper.


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