So Long, and Thanks for All the CAD

I was on Work Experience this past week, and thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at both an engineering and an architectural firm.

What struck me as very interesting was the immense inroads computing has made in the design-related aspects of these fields. There was a LOT of drafting going on in AutoCAD, and in the case of the architects, ArchiCAD. I was able to witness, first-hand, the “modern” architect’s studio that comprises not of drawing boards, T-squares and copious amounts of pencils, but of stylish Apple iMacs and a new generation of keen designers clicking and typing away at amazing designs.

This has inspired me and got me thinking about the next wave of innovation; with the rise of computer-aided design, designers can see and understand before even laying bricks, the impact that their buildings may have on the environment. In an age where going green has become the next cultural phenomenon – the next big thing – CAD systems will allow the innovators of the built environment – a field that so greatly influences the way we as a society live, think and work – to design consciously, constantly being aware of the impact their designs are making.

At the same time, being able to see in glorious 3D the look of a design before construction is even fathomed is a really cool way, in my opinion, of Design 2.0 – the modern way of thinking and innovating.

Now if only I can get my hands on ArchiCAD… oh well.


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