The Speed of Life

201005222310.jpgThis past week, if ever, has been a blur. One moment, I was entering the Elizabeth Sneddon theatre to watch Monkey Nuts, and the next, I’m here, at the end of yet another busy week, completely brain-frizzled.

Mid-year exams are fast approaching; in fact, my Drama prac exam is this Tuesday, and so it’s once again back in the acting mode, this time for marks.

My writing is starting to take a small step into the back seat with each second nearer to the big exams. However, one last exciting bit before I press pause on the word pressing, is a really cool piece I’m working on for Byte Lounge. It’s a review piece for a new South African startup, but at this stage that’s all I can say. Watch the blog or follow me on Twitter to find out when it’s posted.

What really struck me this week is how fast life moves. Besides this coming week being the final approach to June exams, it also marks only three weeks until I leave for a two-week long tour of Europe. So there is light at the end of the tunnel! But this speed of life is starting to get to me. Society is increasingly becoming faster, in its needs and wants.

Take the recent Google I/O event that was held this week. The company released a plethora of new services aimed at taking down Apple, a once long-time best friend. There’s serious animosity spreading throughout Silicon Valley; Apple vs Adobe and Google. At the end of the day, this hate is throttling innovation, and at the rate our lives are moving, it’s a sad prospect.

Now, if ever, we need to put our differences aside for the sake of progress. Sure, competition is great. But only if it’s healthy, and the way brands once so respected like Apple are now doing business, we’re not treading that road.

Anyway, coming back to the smaller world of my own life, the end of one week and the beginning of another brings with it new challenges, more sleep-deprived nights and lots of hard work.

Bring it on.


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