Getting Into the Writing Mood Again…

Term 1 is slowly but surely creeping to a close; a monstrous, tiresome and yet rewarding school term where a few of my goals for 2010 were realised.

I now serve on the school’s Representative Council, and I aim to take that a step higher by contributing in a grander way to the place that I’ve known for nearly 12 years now.

But with the end of term looming, I am excited to return to the novel I began writing in July last year (and then stopped, and began from scratch with an entirely new plot line in November). I am already over 12 000 words in (though I need about 70 000 for it to be called a “novel”), and hope to make some good progress within the two weeks of down-time that I have.

Writing, as you’ll have realised from my blog, is something I enjoy a lot. But when I’m faced with a mammoth task such as this, the writing of an entire novel — and a science fiction one at that — it can be daunting.

So, I’ve been following a great blog set up by the writer of another of my favourite blogs, Zen Habits, called WriteToDone. There are some great articles there on how to keep focussed with your writing, how to make writing sessions more effective, and how to get the most out of writing in your life. I highly recommend all aspiring writers to visit.

And with that, I hope to write again in the future of more progress with this mammoth project. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to get the latest.


2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Writing Mood Again…

  1. Hey man, good to see a post on getting back to writing with a gigantic Pages icon splashed across it 😉 Hahahaha. Cool stuff man!


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