On Ambition (and other things)

Ah, life. Recently, my perplexing mind has been preoccupied with thoughts on this chaotic thing that we all encounter everyday. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about ambition – after all, I do say that I’m an ambitious person. However, I’ve begun to question the true nature of ambition and come to a clarifying conclusion (don’t you just love the alliteration?! 😉

Ambition is perfection. And the real truth is that you can never practice to be perfect; only perfect practice makes the cut. I’ve decided to take this philosophy at heart, and implement it into my life. After all, to be an ambitious person you need to work hard.

So, over the last week I’ve practiced my theory by, well, practicing guitar for around an hour everyday. I’ve always wanted to play stunning lead solos, and so I’ve been practicing pentatonic scales over a hundred times in the space of five days. Guess what? I’m starting to create some stunning, sweet music!

But this isn’t going to stop here – oh, no! Like I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been wanting to write a book for quite some time now. Whilst my plans on this book have fundimentally changed since that initial post, I’m going to be practicing writing on a far more frequent level than previously. I hope to update this blog on a more regular basis, but the only problem lies in the face of one vicious, vile villain (ah, sweet alliteration…)

June Exams.

To decrypt this conundrum, I unfortunately cannot keep a high frequency on the Internet, as a lot more time is needed to be devoted to my studies. But I am trying my best to manage time more effectively; after all, perfect practive makes perfection achievable. And that’s what I intend to do.

Watch this space.


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