So… Battling Dragons and dealing with an iPhone

I guess I’m a bit late to announce that I’ve finally gotten Brisingr, and the undeniable fact that it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!! Christopher Paolini (if you somehow stumble upon Life in Pixels), you have done a sterling job and I think you’re an amazing author. Keep it up!

And then, I guess it’s apt to now announce that I’ve gotten the iPhone 3G. It’s awesome, but… it still has a few flaws, like the fact that Java is yet to grace it. However, this is no problemo, as I have read many reports (from, of course, reputable sources) that Sun Microsystems is developing a version of J2ME for the iPhone and should be available soon from the App Store.

iPhone is really cool, especially the multi-touch features. I’m still getting used to the touch-QWERTY keyboard, but it’s neat nonetheless. I have also found (from Google) a great way to make ringtones work with iPhone (without having to buy them from the iTunes Store).

I’ve yet to try this out, but here’s the process:

If you own an iPhone, you’ll know that in order to put custom ringtones on it, you need to buy the song from the iTunes Store. Now, if you’re somebody like me, you’d probably think it riddiculous to have to re-pay for a song that you’ve already bought, if you go (like me) the “old-skool” route of buying an entire album on CD (shock-gasp-horror! Yes, I actually buy compact discs!! lol). So, this method makes it easy to use one of your existing songs on your new iPhone or iPhone 3G. It was discovered by a member of the MacRumors forums.

You see, iPhone ringtones are in .M4R format. So, all you need to do, is rename an existing .AAC song in your iTunes library to have the extension of “.m4r”. Then, when you load it up in iTunes, it should have the little bell icon, which indicates it is ringtone-ready. Sync up your iPhone, do the relevant processes, and you’re off!!

Any questions? Feel free to post on the comments below and I’ll gladly assist you (where I can, that is 😉

And finally, a recent story I’ve completed for English will be going up soon (most likely in .pdf format because it’s so long). Look out for that very soon (probably sometime this week).

Until next time, take care!


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