Review: “Viva la Vida” – Coldplay

There are times when waiting for quality really pays off. This is certainly the case with Coldplay’s latest offering to their loyal fans and newcomers to their amazing sound (like myself).

I’ve heard some of Coldplay’s previous hits on radio, like Speed of Sound and Clocks, but I never really considered to buy an album of theirs.

Until now. Viva la Vida, according to Wikipedia, was recorded in Spain, Latin America and Barcelona, hence the strong Spanish influence in the vocals. It is also noted that Coldplay recorded in unconventional means, by apparently experimenting with acoustic guitars in various churches in Spain. This created the unusual, yet amazing sound that makes this album stand out from the rest.

The alternative-rock band has also gone for a very different approach than on their previous albums, as Viva la Vida is very melancholic, and of course, combined with their trademark soundscapes, makes it a sure hit.

This album had me hooked right from the first track (Life in Technicolor) with this intro song’s lively acoustic guitar combined with a subtle element of sadness that I guess the synths provided.

Cemeteries of London, track 2, has got to be my favorite song, along with Viva La Vida and Violet Hill. It’s a real melancholic song, wih a dark, ominous feeling. The Spanish guitar in this track is AWESOME!!

Violet Hill, another of my favorite tracks, has a very medieval feel to it, with the lyrics talking about carnivals, cathedrals, war and religion. There’s some great guitar work in this song by Jonny Buckland, whith superb guitar-fuzz effects used in the riff and the awesome solo.

Brian Eno, who previously worked with U2 and was trivial to their success, has once again proven his talent in producing an amazing album, and Coldplay is a fantastic band that is definately now one of my favorite artists!


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