Aluminum and Exams…

Well, I’ve just finished four exams now, all of which went very well (especially today’s Natural Science one!!).

I’ve now got three exams left for this week, and then next week is another three more exams + my Drama practical. And then I’m FREE!! Lol…

In other news, whilst trawling the interwebs, I’ve been reading quite a lot of rumours about Apple releasing a design update to its ageing MacBook and MacBook Pro line. Most notable in this, is the MacBook having an aluminum case that could ship in black or brushed metal silver (like the current MacBook Pro’s.)

The MacBook may also have a screen that goes “closer to the edges”, possibly hinting at a smaller case than current-gen MacBooks.

Hmmm… from the rumour pics I’ve seen, this looks really cool. I am planning on getting a Mac to compliment my computing experience, especially for use in my video presentation work that I do for my karate organization (Shotokan Karate-Do South Africa).

Apparantly, this new and uber-stylish notebook will be unveiled next week at Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference).

I’ll just have to wait and see… Aluminum MacBook


One thought on “Aluminum and Exams…

  1. Hmmm… that is quite nice, but I’m quite happy with my white MacBook at the moment though, lol. Let’s hope that Apple decide to make it for you!

    Good luck for the remaining eksamen dood! iLol

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