A1 Grand Prix – Durban 2008

Well, today I went to the Feature Race of the A1 Grand Prix in Durban – the only street race in the entire A1 season. It was AWESOME! Results (as you might already know) were Switzerland in First Position, followed by France in Second and, for the first time ever, Portugal in Third – their very first finish on the podium.

I must say that China drove incredibly well, and managed to keep in front of Vulindlela, the South African car driven by Adrian Zaugg. China finished fourth.

South Africa managed a phenomenal climb up from starting at 15th, to going all the way down to fifth, just behind China. But China’s incredible blocking kept SA behind. Unfortunately, SA were out of the race almost at the end, when an overtake attempt against China, which would’ve brought them to finish at fourth position, backfired. The Feature Race ended on a red flag, when the Safety Car (a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, my dream car) was brought onto the track, most likely because of the South African crash.

Here’s some pics I managed to take from the grand stand I was sitting at:

24022008173 24022008172


2 thoughts on “A1 Grand Prix – Durban 2008

  1. I must have been sitting right next to you…same photos! Great race! In fact although we did not finish we still got 7th place and 4 point due to the RED flag (end of race)…YAY!

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