Cape Town Opera House

Final architectural and urban design project for BAS Third Year (undergraduate degree) at the University of Cape Town.

About the project:

The art of storytelling reaches back millennia… at its core is the notion of a gathering, within a cave, beneath the canopy of a tree, before the proscenium in a theatre… where ideas are shared, worlds created and events, characters, places unfold from the mind.

This primal part of our existence, of mankind’s collective culture, has formed the genesis of the Cape Town Opera’s design.

Around this space radiates the functions that support it, extending outwards from close proximity those essential things that are necessary to sustain the act of storytelling, to the envelope, to its urban frontage, where the building reaches out into the redevelopment plan, forming a generator of routes, and establishing itself as a gateway into the scheme. Its geometric form, punctured by the drum, serves as respite from the grid that structures urban space, where creativity may be incubated in the nexus of this new cultural hub.

Tools used: SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD