Introducing the Timeless Design Series

Every so often, we are graced with products that are so beautifully designed, they manage to stand that most arduous of tests: the test of time. As  a person who values the power of good design, and appreciates the efforts taken by the engineers and designers who have put together these products, I’ve decided to create a post series highlighting a selection of products that I personally love, and think have the mettle to be lasting icons.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about these products, from both the analogue and digital world, that have transformed the way we live our lives through their brilliant design.

I personally believe that good design is something that can easily be achieved, no matter the budget, if those involved take the time to think, and carefully consider the way the elements are put together to create a project. Time, and not money, is the key essence to producing work that can really contribute to bettering the way our world is shaped.

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