David S. Goyer on Screenwriting

David S. Goyer is one of the most influential writers in film and television today. He’s responsible, along with Christopher Nolan, for reinvigorating the comic-book film adaptation scene with Batman Begins, and is the creator and writer for Da Vinci’s Demons (one of my favourite series on at the moment).

Goyer is a brilliant screenwriter. His stories are compelling, action-packed and filled with enough gravitas to ensure dramatic tension befitting the nature of his iconic characters, whether it’s Batman, Leonardo da Vinci or Superman.

In this lecture and interview with the British Academy of Film and Television, he talks about the craft, about his start as a young screenwriter, and his process on the Batman films, Man of Steel, Blade (for which he got his big break as a writer in Hollywood), Da Vinci’s Demons (and why writing for television is becoming more attractive for writers over films), and writing for video games.

It’s an excellent video, very informative and entertaining. A must watch for anyone interested in the craft of screenwriting, films, comic books and television.


Mini Update

I haven’t been posting in a while due to not feeling too well. I hope to get back to a more “regular” schedule soon. Expect my thoughts on the new Superman film Man of Steel (once I actually get to see it), and reviews and musings on the world of tech. But for now, I thought I’d just drop by to update you on some of the things that are keeping me interested whilst I get better.

Book: Dan Brown’s Inferno. I started it earlier this week. Still very early into the story, so I can’t give any proper opinion yet. But I’m enjoying it – classic Dan Brown stuff here.

Music: Still enjoying Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Gets better with each listen.

TV Series: since Da Vinci’s Demons ended season 1 (on a cliffhanger, too!) and all my other favourite comedies (Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Community) aren’t scheduled to resume until later this year, I’ve found myself drawn to Arrow. Yes, I know, I’m a bit late to the party there, but this series has enough plot twists and intrigue to keep me entertained. The acting is a bit questionable, but it’s a fun watch nevertheless.

Projects: apart from working on the major redesign of the SKKSA website, I’m also learning some new web technologies (though I can’t say much more about that just yet…). Hoping to also get back into the manuscript soon.

Sorry for the lack of posts on Pixelated Thinking. I can’t wait to get back to the regular schedule. See you soon!